Position:Microelectronic & Images Processing Studies
Contact Address:Perum Taman Puspa Kav. 120
Kelapa Dua Depok
Phone:93790108 / 081380724028

Current Activity :
-Developing The Microelectronics & Images Processing Laboratory for Master and Doctoral research.
- Teaching in Graduate Program of Gunadarma University.
- Teaching in Master program of Gunadarma University.
- Guided graduate students thesis (skripsi) of Gunadarma University
- Guided Master Students thesis of Gunadarma University
- Guided Doctoral students dissertaion of Gunadarma University
- Assesor of National Acreditation Board
- Board of APTIKOM

Research Interest :
-Sensor CMOS design for face tracking and recognition.
-Designed and developed ADC for Video application .
-VLSI design.
- Real Time Image Processing

Education Background
2001-2005PhdUniversite de Bourgogne France
1993-1995MagisterGunadarma University Jakarta
1985-1991UndergraduateGadjah Mada University Yogyakarta

Teaching Experiences
Computer System Analysis, University of Gundarma (2006)
Computer graphics 1, Sarmag of Gunadarma University (2006-now)
Computer graphics 2, Sarmag of Gunadarma University (2006-now)
Data communication, University of Gunadarma (1992-1995)
Decission support system, MM program University of Gunadarma (2000-2001)
Digital system, University of Gunadarma (1999-2001)
Energy physics, University of Gunadarma (1996-2001)
Human Computer Interaction, S3 Programs of Gunadarma University (2008)
Images Processing, Gunadarma University (2006)
Microprocessor, University of Gunadarma (1993-1997)
Multimedia Programming, Gunadarma University (2007-now)
Projects Systems Information, S2 programs of Gunadarma University (2006-now)
Real time systems, University of Gunadarma (2001)
Strategics of SIM, S2 programs of Gunadarma University (2007)
advanced Electronics(CMOS Design), Gunadarma University (2006-now)